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Império Multimédia with CS:GO

Império Multimédia, a well known portuguese computing store and partner of xFunction, has announced that they will venture with a CS:GO team, playing under the name of Team Império Multimédia.

Team Império multimédia chose to announce one player at a time, leaving the most assiduous followers of the scene guessing the full roster.

They started by  presenting Ruben "Rubenix" Santos, a well known player in the Portuguese panorama, for its presence in two of the best teams in Portugal at the moment, Team Alientech and K1ck e-Sports.

Source: facebook Team império multimédia


Ruben Santos had been without competing for a while now, as he took on the role of coach at K1ck e-Sports, in the end of the year of 2015, leaving in the air, doubt, until recently, about his continuity as a competitive player or retiring at all.

The answer came with this announcement, but still leaves everyone guessing about the remainder of the line-up.

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written by José "mutes" Rodrigues