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xFunction started in 2009 under the direction and supervision of Hélder "hldr" Lopes towards being one of the top e-sports organization in Portugal.
They attended several tournaments, both on and offline, namely "Gamegune", achieving midtable results.

However in 2012 xFunction turned into organizing small tournaments at first which rapidly evolved into mid-size and large tournaments ending in xFunction Fragcup , event that had teams attending from various countries and continents.

For two years the organization was paused for restructure.

In 2014 the organization came back alive in with the sole purpose of organizing events, amongst them "xFunction Masters I", "xFunction Masters II", "xFunction Iberian cup" and "xFunction Challenger".

xFunction Challenger was the first event for the game of CS:GO in Portugal that had a professional broadcast reaching also a record number of 14400 simultaneous viewers in a Portuguese event, registering around 73000 viewers during the entire broadcast.


Helder 'hldr' Lopes

  • Position:Founder / CEO

Rui 'XHunter' Graça

  • Position:Chief Operating Officer / Web Developer

Pedro 'zordz' Pinto

  • Position:Chief Operating Officer / Design director

Diogo 'NTM' Dias

  • Position:Web Developer

Marcelo 'Tugamars' Silva

  • Position:Content Director


Carlos 'Kuja' Alvito

  • Position:Tournament manager



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